Well as I said this morning (my time anyway) I had a nice sleep in (finally).  I got a weekly pass to all transport and then walked down the pretty much deserted Market Street down to the Ferry Building through the Financial District.  From there I walked about half an hour down the road (under the Oakland bridge) to the baseball game between the Phillies and the Giants.  The number of people was really quite impressive, but the pitch seems really small.  I had almost no idea what was going on, who was winning and why people suddenly broke into cheers (and jeers) for no reason, but I had a good time nonetheless.  I then caught the train (a restored 1930’s streetcar) back to Fisherman’s Wharf and had an a chance to explore the little shops trying to sell everything for cheaper than the guy next door.  I’m def going to buy a San Fran hoodie, seems they are all the rage here!  Maybe something from the Giants too.  The amount of food they eat though is amazing.  It seems like most people go there to sit in the sun and eat (not that there’s anything wrong with that!).  I thought I had better try it and got a hotdog and coke, I was less than impressed….lol.

I booked my trip to Alcatraz for tomorow afternoon so I will have a nice lazy morning again.  I need to sort out the trip to Yosemite tomorrow too.  I then came back on a packed cablecar and because I was young and thin was allowed on hang on the side, true SF style.  Which meant that I got some great shots.  You can see them here.  The steepness of these streets is amazing

A nice relaxing day doing just what I wanted to, but lots of walking around.

Remember that I said that everything in America is bigger, it seems that it is also full of Starbucks.  The bus driver said yesterday that there are almost 2 per square mile.  walking around there seems to be one on every block, and they are always full of people… they must be making a killing!

Hard to believe I have been here for a week already, and only have 5 full days left :(.  I am going to book a trip on a sailing catermaran that goes around Alcatraz and under the Golden Gate later in the week.  Given the wind here it should be quite exciting.

The photos are uploaded, BTW I have put captions on all previous and current photos.

For those who saw it, yes Moscone was hit by the Norovirus, but thankfully I dodged that bullet again.  Maybe I am carrying it as it hit the scout jamboree too … hmmmmm

For those who care, Survivor is on TV and they just announced the winner, not sure where NZ tv is up to.

Tomorrow at Alcatraz should be good fun ;)