Well I arrived safe and sound in Wellington this morning.  It was nice to hear kiwi accents again!  It was also nice to go through NZ customs without having to take my shoes off!

I had a fantastic time but it is always nice to get home.  Unfortunately I left in 30 degree heat and arrived in Auckland at 5am at 7 degrees, ouch!

Unfortunately I couldn’t get an iPhone as they were all sold out from the Market St Apple Store and the online store.  The 3G iPhone must be just around the corner…  The consensus is that it will be announced that the keynote of WWDC which starts early June (at the Moscone Centre!).

I’m not really looking forward to going to work tomorrow… Speaking of which I should pimp Fronde.  If you want application development, visit Fronde.

I have added more photos to the Yosemite and the Cycling albums also

Thanks for all your comments and I will see most of you soon…