This morning the weather forecast said that a heat wave was coming so I had to shuffle my plans around. I was planning to go to Yosemite on Wednesday and then do the biking on Thursday but it is meant to be 30+ degrees on Thursday so I went today instead.

As I said before, there are many people that ride to Sausiltio and catch the ferry back to San Fran. I thought that was winmping out a little to be honest, and I was going for a ride not to see Sausilito. I managed to find a place that hired out road racing bikes so there I was riding down Fisherman’s Wharf (on the (my) wrong side of the road) headed for the GG bridge. The photos are here. I looked at the map and found that Sausilito was only 13km but Tiburon was another 13km round the coast. There was a ferry headed back from there if I felt tired, but I wanted to ride there and back. Even though the heat wave hadn’t officially started yet, the temperatures were easily hitting 28 as I rode into Tiburon, completely wasted. I wasn’t sure exaclty where I was going and was following the cycle way hoping I would make it.

Speaking of cycleways, they are everywhere here and really well used. They are nice and smooth too which is a change from the roads which are even worse than ours. And I was riding this awesome racing bike so I felt every single bump!

Anyway, I eventually arrived at Tiburon and found a sleepy Italian town just waking up at 1pm. I found this awesome Italian panini place and after cooling down I decided that catching the ferry back was wimping out and I had like 6 hours to make it back. The temperature got even hotter though, one side said it was 33 (of course everything is in Farenheit so 101 degrees doesnt really mean anything to me, but 90 is 30 and HOT!). I did contemplate getting the ferry from Sausilito, but I only needed to cross the bridge and I was basically there. Being the stubourn rider (thanks Dad!) I rode on and up the massive hill to the bridge. I was about ready to collapse when the freezing (and I mean freezing) wind off the sea arrived at the entrance to the bridge. So that is why I look so wasted here. I got back in plenty of time and bought a tshirt saying I had ridden across the GG bridge! I had a speedo too (but it was all in miles was was kinda useless) and my total was 42 miles (68km) .. so thats why I was so tired. Not sure where the 13 + 13km came from (yes that was km’s not miles)

I got a pizza from this awesome little places up the road called Uncle Vito’s and ate it all in one sitting and was almost too tired to sleep. I think I overdid it … ooops! ;)

The photos are here.