So after yesterday’s exploits on the bike, I really didn’t feel like getting up at 6am to go to Yosemite, but I knew that I would be thankful later!

We left at about 7.30am and arrived at Yosemite at 1.30pm, a long trip. We parked pretty much right under the falls and stepping out of the a/c couch, the heat hit like it does getting off the plane in Singapore or something. It hit 32 degrees there because it is more inland, it would’ve got much higher but we were at 5000 feet above sea level! I can’t describe in words how awe inspiring this place is, my photos definately can’t do it justice but here they are. I took about 200 photos, so these are just a sample.

Nothing can do this place justice. The height of El Capitan is just astonishing, and people actually climb up there (the shortest time is 4 days!). We stopped and looked at some smaller waterfalls up close on the way and then a good viewing spot for El Capitan and Bridalveil Falls. We had 3 hours on our own after we arrived and I spent most of that at the largest Yosemite Falls. There was a track to the top that took 3 hours that I wanted to do but didn’t have enough time or energy after yesterday! They have a free shuttle service to take you around the park and the visitor centre had a good video. I couldn’t resist some professional photography so got a large postcard of the falls.

They are going a lot of work on the road and so we were stuck in traffic for about an hour or so. Thankfully we had air conditioning. The driver could tell we weren’t getting anywhere fast se he took us up to Inspiration Point where you can see all the major attractions. He said that it was probably the most photographed spot in the US if not the world.

As it happened there was a kiwi couple on the tour also (yes, its a very small world) so we took each others photos so there are more of me this time ;)

I got back to the hotel at about 10.30pm so it was a very very long and hot day. As we crossed the Oakland bridge at about 10pm, it was still 28 degrees!!!!

So it is now Thursday morning and I finally have internet access so I can post this and the photos. It is meant to reach about 35 degrees here today. It is very hot already so I am doing to find a tree at Fisherman’s Park and get some reading done and then go on the yacht this afternoon. I need a break, its been a very busy few days!

Well last full day in SF, and its a hot one! ;)